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La Vía


On Track with a Contemporary Master

Dazed between religious, philosophical and cultural systems, man currently wanders adrift, propelled only by the presence of an evolutionary force within him. In his search for his true reason for being is the possibility of his evolution towards consciousness.

This book reveals the existence of a real possibility through a young seeker who manages to make contact with a true teaching alive and essential represented by a Master operating in the West, Alfredo O., living channel of the Source of Knowledge.

The Masters, existing guides since the dawn of humanity, lead man through a precise science and rigorous to self-knowledge, so that each human being can discover their place and function within the infinite scale of Creation. His work is in the present, with today's man, using the means of the time and a technique adapted to the demands of the situation. These men represent the Gate to the Way of Truth.


Entre el Cielo y la Tierra

Between the sky and the earth

The Contact, the Initiation

The appearance of the true Masters has occurred and occurs cyclically in the history of our planet in moments of greatest crisis and need. Some entered history, although their true function has not been understood by all; others, on the other hand, deployed and develop their Work in the shadows.

The external forms, the language used and the transmission vehicles of their teaching necessarily changed over time, to adapt their message to the capacity of reception of the peoples to whom they were delivered.

However, despite the apparent discontinuity in the transmission of this authentic and essential message for Man, at the center of the subtle Work of the true Master is found the entire evolution of the human race. Said work has started since the first appearance of Man on Earth and has not yet finished.

The nature of the Work itself is such that it has to be developed inside the laboratory, away from noise and the interruptions of a distracted world. There, man will slowly learn to feel his own Heart, already almost forgotten, but which he has never stopped crying out for.

El Pájaro de Trueno

the thunder bird

traditional tales of initiation

What are a group of boys between Italy and Spain, a storyteller in Afghanistan, a merchant in a sandstorm, a teacher and his students in Mexico and a passionate tango fan in Argentina looking for?

Six tales in which a character is glimpsed or evoked: Alfredo, capable of determining a decisive turn in the existential journey or in the search for the protagonists.

Alfredo is a Master who, as the author rightly says it is 'the channel in which the bond of friendship between man and God is manifested, and that man's search for God is equivalent to the relationship that exists between the seeker and his Guide. The relationship of friendship and love that exists between disciple and Master prefigures the same bond of friendship between man and God, because ultimately, there is no difference between human and divine love, and the acceptance of the Master is the closest thing to divine acceptance.

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